MZ-Anti-Corrosive Pastes

Unser Produkt: MZ-Rostschutzpasten


Efficient rust removal and protection with MZ-Pastes® - a proven quality for more than five decades.

Even sensitive surfaces can be cleaned effortlessly, providing them with a durable, water-repellent protective film in one process step without affecting the material.

Safety Data Sheet - MZ-Anti-Corrosive Pastes   


  • inexpensive
  • simple use

Product range

Unser Produkt: MZ-Rostschutzpasten - MZ 1
  • MZ 1:

A handy paste for removal of synthetic oxides on very hard metal surfaces (e.g. chrome). Can be processed at very high temperatures.

Unser Produkt: MZ-Rostschutzpasten - MZ 3
  • MZ 3:

Our bestselling product for more than 50 years. Used for removing rust and polishing dull, scratched metal surfaces. Also used for pre-treatment of FE-metals before chemical processing such as phosphating, black finishing or galvanizing. At the same time it protects material from humidity, perspiration, acid vapor, etc.

Unser Produkt: MZ-Rostschutzpasten - MZ 3 Extra
  • MZ3 Extra:

For cleaning of particularly sensitive surfaces such as metal mirrors and precious metals.

Even the most sensitive surfaces can be cleaned and protected to perfection without harming the material. MZ 3 Extra is excellently suited for preservation of precision measuring devices, for example.


Examples of application



  • all metals

Areas of application:

  • mould making
  • tool construction
  • workshops
  • household

Other advantages:

  • not dangerous
  • environmentally safe
  • easy to dispose